Passing Clouds

Things fall apart,
Just as things fall in place.
This in-between
I know so well.
Was here before;
This spot I fell.

Of friends in distant places,
Or surrounds in lack of familiar faces.
I am ajar
From the life I led.
I am ajar
From the life I tread.

My parents,
Once they huddled me.
Curled deep in the soil,
Like roots to a tree.
Now as they face a ticking clock,
I too hear the ticking tock.

There were some moments
To be young and free.
These times replaced
By lock and mismatched key.
We couldn’t run too long without aim.
Eventually a stop, well yes, it came.

Papers on piles
And those to be filed.
Bills and rates;
They don’t tempt the fates.
Just lines now, of familiar footing
In rigid steps they tap along.

Is this it?
Of what we get.
No, no, I beg
Don’t say that yet.
There must be more.
But tell me how is one to be sure?

Midday Stroll

In the misty suckles of life
I look left and I look right
Where petunias and daisies
And cumquats grow
Where are their carers?
I do not know

But of this I know for certain,
I’m sure
That I have walked this street
Many times before
Had I had noted
Dry lavender and purple pops
Perhaps I would have even stopped

To smell the roses,
To feel the leaves
But no! I did not see
The forest for the trees

Ha ha! I say,
What a glorious day
I shall forget you not
Like one never forgets
The precarious name
Of a floral so called
A forget-me-not

Everything Is Something

To talk, to talk of words -
They are not you
And they are not me.
Perhaps though;
Something in-between

Delicate outlines
Are seen as hard lines
And hard words
And hard memories
Still though; not me

I am I am I am
What’s not to be said
In the once we met
In what you left
In what I kept

The truth - it’s all I speak;
All I will speak
When loss shows
Less time to waste
Or time to be in haste

The nerves churn
My softness to turn
Soft less
And what is seen?
Less than what is me

I’m not I’m not I’m not
Many things
Left by the door
The door which saw
Many things left

I can but will not
Give what won’t come
Only naturally. 
But if you know me;
If you knew, you’d know

So, I walk away
Into another day
That shines and winds
In places where words fold -
In possibility


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